Fairy Cakes can create the dessert buffet you wish for any occasion from a tea party to a girls’ night in, showers, birthdays, dinner parties and perfect white weddings.

We specialize in bite size desserts, confections, mini cakes, cupcakes and custom cakes for all occasions. All our desserts taste just as good as they look and are made from scratch with wholesome ingredients and a touch of Euro-Brazilian pixie dust. We do not use artificial flavorings nor do we use vegetable shortening. We believe that delicious desserts are made from tasty and real ingredients, nothing hydrogenated is allowed in our kitchen… We also try to source everything locally as much as possible.

Custom Sugar People

Top your cake with a whimsical one of a kind gum paste and fondant cake toppers. We will hand craft the happy couple or the birthday boy and/or girl. We can add their pets and their passions to create a unique centerpiece that can be kept indefinitely. Bride and groom sculptures start at $150. Individual figurines start at $90.