Brigadier Traditional Brazilian candy, named after a real Brigadier! It is a creamy chocolate caramel. Can be rolled in different toppings such as nuts, jimmies, chocolate flakes $1.50
Brigadier Shot Signature Brigadier served in a shot glass $2.50
Mocha Brigadier The traditional brigadier with a touch of coffee $1.50
White Brigadier a creamy vanilla cream. $1.50
Coconut Kiss coconut cream rolled in coconut flakes $2
Surprise Kiss the white brigadier stuffed with a blueberry or a seedless grape depending on the season! $2
Peanut Bites Homemade sweetened peanut butter rolled in chopped peanuts $1.50
Walnut Cameo walnut sweet cream rolled in ground walnuts or dipped in a sugar crust. Crowned with a cameo or a walnut $2
Fleur de Sel Caramels oogey gooey caramel chewy…. Covered in belgium chocolate and sprinkled with Fleur de Sel $2
Black Truffles Dark chocolate truffles, dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in cocoa. Flavors available are fresh raspberries or mint infused $1.50
Rocky Road Little Boxes little chocolate boxes stuffed with marshmallows and walnut and drizzled with Ganache. $2.50
Rainbow Squares almond heaven… Tri-color petit four cover in a sugar glaze or Ganache $2.50
Ryan's Cowboy Bars Coconut, walnuts, chocolate and caramel baked together in a tiny crumb crust $2
Apricot Delight Plump apricots with a vanilla creamy stuffing rolled in sprinkles $2
Date de Paradis Medjool date struffed with coconut and dipped in a orange blossom sugar glaze $2.50
Chocolate Strawberries Fresh strawberries dipped in belgium chocolate $3 and up
Latte Cups Dark chocolate mini coffee cups filled with a coffee flavored carmel $2.50
Granny Smith Truffle Granny Smith compote with a touch of calvados in a chocolate shell and rolled in cinnamon. $1.85
Banana Bites Fresh banana and cinnamon compote rolled in pecans and toasted coconut. $1.85
Passion Fruit Boxes Dark chocolate boxes filled with creamy and tangy passion fruit, drizzled with dark chocolate ganache. $2.50
Passion Truffles Dark chocolate and passion fruit rolled in cocoa powder. $1.85
Passion Brigadier Sweet and tangy passion fruit brigadier rolled in coconut flakes. $2
Pink Brigadier A pink and girlie dessert flavored with strawberry, rolled in sugar. $1.50
Tiramisu Shot Layers of mascarpone cream and ladyfingers soaked in espresso and frangelico. Topped with cocoa powder. $3
“Bem-Casados” translated as “soul mates”, “wedding bliss” or “happily married” represent two halves that are united and sealed by partnership and mutual respect. The Bride and groom offer “bem casados” to their guests at their wedding reception because, it is believed that in doing so they will live happily ever after. According to the legend one should make a wish before taking the first bite and they are blessed with the same luck and happiness as the bride and groom. $3 and up