My love for petite whimsical desserts started when my younger sister and I were tiny children. My mom taught me how to make soap cakes for my dolls' tea parties since she did not think I was old enough to own my first Easy-Bake oven!

At 8 years old I took my first cooking class; I have not stopped cooking or baking since that time. Being born and raised in Brazil you cannot help but be wild about sweet little bites; delectables are present at every celebration from births to birthdays, showers and weddings, and all the occasions where happy memories are made!

Bringing the magic of both little bite size desserts and large ones to life allows me to feel closer to my homeland. My mom, sister and I dreamed about creating a business like Fairy Cakes & Pixiebites long before I was seasoned enough to make it a reality. After losing my beautiful mother at a young age to a valiant battle she fought with cancer, my sister and I felt the time had come to give wings to the dream of this business. Thus, Fairy Cakes was born.

We prepare and create our desserts using the same commitment and care that we did as small girls prepping for our childhood tea parties. All of our desserts are handcrafted from scratch using only wholesome ingredients.

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I am a fourth generation "foodie" having served in the restaurant industry for nearly 15 years now. Inspired by my parents and grandparents and their love of both the industry and food itself I decided to make cooking and baking my career. I even married a chef! I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Economics before moving to the United States to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

May you enjoy Fairy Cakes & Pixiebites and know your sweets were crafted with love--and a touch of Euro-Brazilian pixie dust!

-Fernanda Fachini Marques Fulkerson